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The Bolt is back and better than ever! This medium size, 4 piece grinder is made from Aircraft Grade Anodized Aluminum (AGAA), measures 5.5cm in diameter, stands 4.5cm tall and is comprised of 3 chambers, each of which serves to filter and separate your grind. The center chamber connects to the bottom chamber via an ultra-fine stainless steel mesh screen that catches botanical dust for future use, preventing waste and ensuring maximum efficiency. The ZEUS Bolt 2’s diamond cut teeth are calibrated to grind your herbs to the perfect consistency for vaporization. And its strong magnetic lid allows the grinder to move effortlessly and securely. Each Zeus Bolt 2 comes with an air-tight carrying case that keeps odors in and makes it the perfect grinder for on-the-go. The Bolt is the most versatile grinder in the ZEUS Grinder Line, as it is an ideal choice for short or long and large or small vaporizing sessions and is thus an ideal companion for both portable and stationary vaporizers.
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ZEUS Bolt XL Grinder

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6 reviews for ZEUS Bolt XL Grinder

  1. Zayne H.

    Kudos to Ganja Farmz Dispensary for such a stellar device.
    I swear, to get this grinder with my smite really made me respect this website and their customer service. lifetime warranty too.

  2. Matt the Afficianado

    One could think all grinders are created equally but that just isn’t the case here.
    The Zeus Bolt is a solidly built design that is easy to use and produces a consistent grind every time. It has an anodized black surface coating which gives the product an all-business appeal. I’d give it 5 stars for value if it had a ceramic coating instead of the anodizing because herb likes to stick to this grinder after awhile. The pollen catcher is handy and effective and the unique design of the teeth allow for a complete grind leaving no chunks behind. All in all, I am quite impressed.

  3. ANJ

    Decades of crumbling herb with my fingers finally ended today. Thanks GFD!

  4. mike

    Well built, solid grip and sharp so it should be the best grinder in the world but this thing ends up being frustrating to use after grinding some of my particularly sticky home grown herb. I can use it two or three times before I have to clean it or else it becomes unturnable, only Hercules himself can overcome the dry resin. You’re better off spending a little more and getting a ceramic coated grinder which eliminates this problem entirely. Nice product but there are better things out there now.

  5. HelenaHandbasket

    I’ve used multiple grinders over my lifespan and this is the best one I’ve used so far. Best quality too. If this ever breaks I’m going to get another one.

  6. Lawrence66

    This is by far the best grinder that I have had. It is well crafted, solidly built, sturdy and stylish. GFD has come through again with a grinder that consistently grinds stuff to that perfect size for vaping. I do not mind paying more for quality, and, although somewhat pricey on first glance, it has far exceeded my expectations.

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