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THC: 40%
CBD: 1%

EFFECTS Happy, Relaxed, Sleepy, Uplifted, Hungry
MEDICAL Stress, Depression, Pain, Nausea, Insomnia
NEGATIVES Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes, Dizzy, Headache
FLAVORS Earthy Spicy, Flowery/Herbal
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Hash Plant

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8 reviews for Hash Plant

  1. Valentina_M

    Kinda shit indica. bad taste

  2. anon420

    This one’s an intense creeper. Definitely feeling the indica effects. Great strain for nighttime, when you want to wind down. I find myself getting lost with how good my body feels.

  3. MrFernandez

    one of the best sleep aids we have on the planet ..nice chill and relaxed.

  4. Cannabuddie

    I bought this strain from Rainier in Shoreline to help my pain and stress. Well, two days ago I had surgery on my ankle and, not wanting the Oxycodone they gave me, I found out how much this works on my pain. It made me go from cringing anytime I twitched to calm and almost pain free. I would definitely get this again, and I recommend it for all those of you who smoke medicinally for pain

  5. Tubtub

    This is truly a one of a kind medicine, and really takes the name hash plant literally. This medicine is very high in CBD and THC and is excellent for pain and depression.

  6. Jzuver

    I’m a quadriplegic with nerve pain, this strain seem to help quite a bit. Comes on hard and fast. Pain relief lasts far beyond when the psychedelic effects wear off, almost halfway through next day.

  7. jon990

    This strain is an excellent medical marijuana for those of you who actually use marijuana as medicine. Awesome for pain and depression.

  8. nuglugger

    This strain makes me want to take off all my clothes! Eat something delicious. While contemplating how it’s possible to feel this good. Not to mention it is perfect looking which sparks the initial enchantment followed of course by nudity and eating.

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